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      "'Tain't right to let them green boys have their hull a month to waste in foolishness," he said. "Some good man should gather it up and make a right use of it."

      "No, sir! I gave the command according to Hardee, 'Loadinninetimes!' and ef yer hadn't bin in such a hurry you'd 'a' found out what that means. Yer'll git along a good deal faster ef you'll go slower. Yer ought ter be made ter carry a rail, and a big one, for two hours.""Well, sir, that is a Pediculus. That's a Latin word, but it's his name."

      THAT IN THE ARMY THE MOST LIKELY THING TO HAPPEN IS SOMETHING ENTIRELY UNLIKELY.Not quite half the men faced the wrong way, turning to the left instead of the right, which was doing pretty well for a starter.

      "You see," said Doctor Hance. "It is just as I told you. Everything is all right."

      "What!" exclaimed Judge Stockman. "What sort of job?"


      Si Thinks It over 057



      "I don't see anything the matter with such grub as that!" said Si. "Looks to me as though we were goin' to live like fighting-cocks."